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European Formulas – Do They Live up to the Hype?

Why are parents choosing infant formula from Europe?

European formulas (not approved by Health Canada or the FDA and imported from third party websites) market themselves as superior to what is available in North America. They claim to have “healthier” sugar sources, and an extensive list of banned or restricted ingredients.

However, upon further research, European infant formulas, while well-made and nutritionally adequate, are not superior to what is available in North America. Sugar sources, whether corn-syrup solids or lactose (both of which are available in North American-made formulas) all break down into glucose in the body. Lactose is often preferred, as it is said to have a lower glycemic index and be a longer lasting source of energy than corn syrup. However, both will provide the high sugar content needed (40%!) for babies’ growing brains!

As for the EU’s restrictions: most North American formulas already abide by these rules! Infant formula is the most stringently monitored food on the market. There are also certified organic, corn-free, palm oil free, and non-GMO formulas available in North America. The EU requires the addition of DHAs and AHAs, but most North American formulas include it already.

Risks of Importing Infant Formula

There are also several risks when importing infant formula from an independent 3rd party:
– Unexpected shutdowns and sourcing of the product (this has become a growing issue in the US).
– Many unknowns in temperatures, and product safety during shipping and storage (which affect overall quality and present possible contamination issues).
-There are no widespread notifications in case of a recall. You have to watch European manufacturer sites regularly.
– The instructions for preparation are sometimes not in English.

If you are formula feeding your baby, you can rest assured that you are giving them a safe source of nutrition, and they will grow and thrive.
There is no need to go to the inconvenience, risk, and expense of sourcing out a formula abroad.

– Sheena