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Why Choose An IBCLC?

Why Choose An IBCLC?

The Importance of Certification

When you search for a lactation educator or support worker, you will notice there are a variety of titles and accreditations. IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) is the gold-standard accreditation for lactation professionals and requires the completion of a rigorous training program, thousands of hours in clinical lactation education experience, and successful achievement of a challenging, global exam proctored by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners.


Some people think that lactation consultants  judge, preach “breast is best” mantras, and place unnecessary pressures and shame on mothers.  While I would love for everyone to successfully and exclusively breastfeed, I also have an in-depth understanding and appreciation for the physical, psychological and sociological influences that impact breastfeeding, and I work to help parents discover solutions that work best for them, their babies, and their lives.

Scope of Practice

The IBCLC scope of practice is broad and includes in-depth knowledge of infant development and oral anatomy, nutritional requirements and human milk composition, growth patterns, neurological challenges, muscle tone, and reflexes.  IBCLCs also provide maternal assessments of anatomy, taking into account breast changes during pregnancy, impacts of breast previous surgery, and the hormonal impact on lactation. We also have in-depth knowledge of increasing (or decreasing) milk supply, choosing the right tools to help with nursing, assessing for allergies or infections, and assessing maternal nutritional status.  IBCLCs have the knowledge, training, and participate in ongoing education in order to understand the complex physical systems and interactions that can lead to breastfeeding and lactation challenges.

Now Is The Right Time

You don’t need to wait until your baby is born, or until you are having challenges to contact an IBCLC.  I offer private, in-home prenatal breastfeeding classes to provide you with the most comprehensive and realistic expectations, and help to arm you with knowledge and skills to use when baby arrives. 


See my interview with Dr. Wendy Coburn of One Village Chiropractic where we discuss what IBCLCs can help you with, as well as the differences in lactation certifications and standards, access to care through public and private LCs and more!

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