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What To Expect

Before the Appointment

Please contact me via phone or email to book your appointment.  At that time, we will review your goals and concerns and choose a date and time for your in-home appointment.

I will then email you a consent form and health history form for you to complete and send back to me.  In reality, I get it – who has time for that, especially with a new baby? Don’t worry, we can make time during the appointment to review and complete it all.

On the Day of the Appointment

Please note that this is typical of an initial In-Home Consult which takes approximately 2 hours to complete.

Virtual Consults and Follow-up visits will vary somewhat, and are dependent on the needs of the family.

There is nothing that you need to prepare.  It is ideal, however, if a support person can be present, especially if there are other young children in the home.  

The first step will be to get the “housekeeping” out of the way- I will take payment and review the consent form and health history.  I like to compete this first so that I can spend the entirety of the appointment on you and your baby.

We will then discuss your concerns in greater depth.  At this time, I will complete a maternal assessment, checking for any physical aspects that may impact infant feeding.  For adoptive parents, we will discuss current feeding practices and what you wish to change or improve.  

I will then assess your baby (my favorite part!).  I will check overall anatomy, reflexes, neurological behaviors, musculature, weight, and will conduct an in-depth assessment of your baby’s oral anatomy, again assessing for features that may impact feeding.  

One important step in my consultation is to observe a feed.  This can of course happen at any time, as required by your baby. We will then discuss my assessment, solutions, and suggestions to help you achieve your goals.  

At the end of the consultation, we will schedule an appointment for an in-home follow-up visit.  The day after our visit, I will email you a copy of our visit summary and my care plan for you. You can contact me by phone or email any time with questions or concerns.