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What I Offer

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MilkBud Lactation & Prenatal

Milkbud Lactation & Prenatal provides personalized in-home consultations to assess, educate, and implement strategies to give you confidence in your infant feeding journey. My ultimate goal and vision is to help all parents to gain confidence and achieve their infant feeding goals by providing realistic, practical, and non-judgmental support and education.
I currently offer 2 exclusive online prenatal classes: Infant Feeding and Birth Preparation.
In-person prenatal is available on select dates, in partnership with Mamabear Playclub.

How I Help

During lactation consults, I will listen to your concerns, provide a thorough assessment of applicable infant and maternal anatomy, health status, growth, and development. I will work with you to develop an achievable plan. Unlimited email follow-up provides additional support, reassurance, and education throughout your infant feeding journey!

Personalized care and ongoing support!!

Prenatal education in the comfort of your own home with my pre-recorded classes.

A 3h in-home session to answer all your questions about labour, delivery, and newborn care.